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Abby Moles

Abby Moles
Mount Evans CNA – Certified Nurse Assistant

When Abby sees a smile on a patient’s face, she knows she did her job. As a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Abby’s work involves so much more than safe bathing and personal care. She’s also a companion.

“A lot of patients tell me how grateful they are. Often patients think that entering into hospice means they have to go into a facility. Our care allows them to keep their independence. It makes me feel good knowing I am there for them and that my care allows them to stay in their home and not be uprooted near the end of life.”

Abby, an Idaho Springs resident, became a part of the Mount Evans family two years ago.

“I like the idea of caring for people in their homes and making it possible for them be able to stay in their environment. They moved to the mountains for a reason and letting them stay there is huge for them. I think it’s really important that they keep their sense of independence.”

Abby also spends a great deal of her time helping home health patients get back on their feet after a surgery or serious illness. She’s also an integral part of the team that cares for ‘mountain folk’ through our community foot-care clinics.

“We’re a family that works together. I’ve worked in facilities where it is every person for themselves. At Mount Evans, it’s different, everyone pitches in and gets stuff covered – it doesn’t matter if you are occupational therapist, a physical therapist, a speech therapist or a nurse – everyone just says, ‘This needs to get done, OK, let’s get it done.’ I think that’s amazing. I love working for the family atmosphere here.”