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Board President Janine Guillen, JD, LLM, MBA, RN

Guillen JanineJanine Guillen is uniquely well-equipped for the challenges of her one-year journey as president of the Mount Evans Board of Directors.

Joining the board in 2009, Guillen holds both LLM and JD law degrees from the University of Denver and spent 15 years with HealthONE learning to navigate the deep and often murky waters of health care regulation as an expert in health care operations and administration.

“In a nutshell, that’s risk management, quality improvement, and regulatory compliance,” Guillen explains. “It’s the delivery of safe, high-quality, and reimbursable care.”

Guillen also earned an MBA at DU’s prestigious Daniels College of Business, acquiring the tools that will help to ensure Mount Evans’ fiscal wellness in an increasingly arduous and complex economic environment.

“Financial stewardship is an important fiduciary responsibility for the organization, our community, and our donors,” she says. “Operationally, our regulatory compliance with federal and state regulations, including the Affordable Care Act, is a constant challenge. Improvement and efficiencies in this area are agency-wide endeavors that will never go away. I want to focus on making these challenges easier and less burdensome for the staff at Mount Evans so they can better focus on the most important thing we do – patient care.”

Now an attorney with Davis Schilken, P.C., in Genesee, Guillen brings both legal and business acumen to bear in service to her mountain-area neighbors. She specializes in business and estate planning, finding them among the more positive areas of her chosen field.

“Both are areas that feel more like helping people than managing conflict,” Guillen explains.

“Helping people plan for everyone they love and everything they have feels a lot like nursing in many respects. The helping still occurs, just not in the physical sense, and planning often gives relief from anxiety for many clients.”

The comparison is well-chosen. Even as Janine Guillen, JD, LLM, MBA can offer expert guidance to Mount Evans’ administration, so Janine Guillen, RN, maintains a close kinship with the organization’s rank and file.

“Keeping my nursing license current comes with a professional responsibility to stay current in the field, and I still volunteer when I can in medical settings, such as the 9Health Fair and other public health events. My clinical background is helpful in understanding and addressing clinical challenges our staff faces, and those that our patients and families experience.”

Perhaps most importantly, Mount Evans’ new president brings something to the chair that simply can’t be learned in school, or conferred by state regulators.

“I worked as a hospice nurse for Sangre De Cristo Hospice in Pueblo,” says Guillen. “That had a direct effect on my life because I experienced first-hand the effects of hospice care upon patients and families. That experience gave me the insider knowledge to advocate effectively for patients and family members in considering hospice care earlier in the death-and-dying process. I learned that care anywhere along the continuum can dramatically increase quality of life, whether it’s home health care, palliative care, or hospice.”

And, during her tour as president, Guillen will apply her valuable expertise and priceless experience to Mount Evans and the citizens it serves. It’s a big job, and at times thankless, but one that comes with its own very personal rewards.

“Each and every community member in the four counties we serve may need some, or all, of the services we provide at some point in their lives,” she says. “Without Mount Evans, many people wouldn’t be able to get needed care. When you’re part of a community and people trust and depend on you, it creates a sense of fulfillment, and life satisfaction.”