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Camp Comfort Reflections

Camp Comfort ReflectionsKids don’t often know other kids who have experienced the death of a family member or friend.  Grieving children will talk about feeling different from kids in their school or neighborhood due to feeling as if they are the only ones whose parents or family members have died.  At Camp Comfort, they meet and spend the weekend with kids who are also grieving.

How Camp Comfort Makes A Difference

One summer, during a sharing stories group, a boy talked about his dad’s death but did not include how his dad had died.  After hearing the other kids in his group share, he asked to speak again and was able to give more details about his father’s death.  It became a safe environment for him to share the words and feelings that he needed to.


Following each camp, Camp Comfort staff send evaluations to campers and their families.  The families often respond that after their children’s experience at Camp Comfort, they seemed more willing to talk about the people who died.

Kids will be kids, and many respond by saying how much they loved the rock wall and zipline and how much fun their volunteer buddies were.  One camper complained that a weekend wasn’t long enough.  It’s important for kids to grieve, but it’s just as important for them to feel it’s okay to have fun, laugh, and play.

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