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Camp Schedule

Camp ComfortChildren and their families arrive at Camp Comfort at 6:30 p.m. on Friday evening.  Families meet the staff and volunteers and help the children settle in.

Friday evening includes get-acquainted activities and an evening snack. During the weekend, campers are supported by volunteers who are trained by our staff. They are kind, compassionate, and great listeners.

Saturday is busy and includes a schedule of workshops to allow kids to express their feelings of grief and to share their stories. In between each workshop, there are outside activities, such as swimming, fishing, ziplining, and horseback-riding.

Campers are always with their adult volunteer and the activities are safe and fun.

On Saturday evening we have a campfire and a talent show. Campers can choose whether or not to participate in the fun, relaxed talent show. It is one of the highlights of the weekend!

On Sunday, campers participate in two workshops, including making an angel in memory of their loved one.

Camp Comfort ScheduleCampers continue to swim and fish until their families arrive at 10:30 p.m. The weekend ends with a Service of Remembrance, which is attended by the campers, their families, the volunteers, and staff.

Campers participate during the service and tie a ribbon in memory of their loved one on an evergreen tree that is planted each year.

The weekend is supportive and nurturing. The campers have fun and have a chance to share their grief in a safe environment.

Interested in finding out more about Camp Comfort? Please call Stephanie Heitkember at 303-674-6400, or send her an email at