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Mount Evans Home Health Care & Hospice is involved in a number of special events throughout the year to raise money, help the community, and raise awareness of our services.

We stage two major fundraising events – The Freedom Run 5K on the 4th of July and the Benefit Gala in late February.

Mount Evans also participates in a number of smaller events throughout the year.

  • Ellie’s Evening: In 2011, Willow Creek Restaurant in Evergreen put on the first “Ellie’s Evening” fundraiser in memory of owners Kristopher and Curtis Lincoln’s daughter Ellie, who died at age 2. In 2012, Ellie’s Evening raised over $25,000 and each year the event raises more for Mount Evans Home Health Care and Hospice! We couldn’t do it without your support!
  • 9Health Fair: At the 9Health Fair in April in Evergreen, Mount Evans nurses and volunteers provide basic blood chemistry analysis, prostate specific antigen tests and blood count testing — as well as free blood pressure, hearing and vision screening. Learn more…
  • Slacker Half-Marathon: Mount Evans volunteers assist at the Slacker’s Half-Marathon in late June (a downhill race run from Loveland to Georgetown), and we are one of the race’s three nonprofit beneficiaries.
  • Triple Bypass: The Triple Bypass bicycle race in early July gives us the opportunity to volunteer during a wonderful event, and Team Evergreen reciprocates by giving Mount Evans a share of the race profits.
  • Special Events:   We organize many one-time special events throughout the year.