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Ellie’s Evening

Ellie’s Evening is Willow Creek Restaurant’s annual benefit in support of Mount Evans Home Health Care & Hospice

Ellie's Evening

A Huge & Heartfelt Thank You to Everyone Who Attended Ellie’s Evening!

Photos from this year’ s event will be posted soon!

View our 2016 album of photos on Facebook!

BABY ELLIETTEEllie’s Story – by Kristopher Lincoln

When we opened Willow Creek in 2010, my husband Curtis & I noted that this is the 9th establishment we have worked in as a couple. We met in ’96 while working together and spent most of our marriage working in restaurants together. In 2001, as we were working seasonally on the island of Nantucket, I was pregnant with my middle child, darling Ellie. Born just 5 days after 9/11, the world was in shambles but I was in baby mode. I had waited 4 years to have our second child. I couldn’t wait for her arrival, crazy world or not.  READ MORE