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Freedom Run Fundraising Tips

The Freedom Run 5K is held each 4th of July to support Mt. Evans Home Health & Hospice, an essential mountain area resource. This year participants have the opportunity to get pledges to support Mt. Evans! Your registration fee covers race expenses, but it’s the money you raise through pledges that allows us to continue providing this valuable service to our community year-round.

We realize that not everyone is a natural fundraiser. Asking for donations can be tough, but you clearly believe in Mt. Evans’ mission or you would not be reading this page! So here are some fundraising tips to make it easier:

Think before you ask

Before you even ask for a pledge, you need to be able to answer the question, why do you support Mt. Evans Home Health & Hospice? Perhaps you got support while grieving the loss of a family member, or received long-term care due to a disease, or sent a child to Camp Comfort, or found that hospice made the end of life easier for a loved one. Think this through. If you speak from the heart, with passion and conviction, people will WANT to make that contribution!

If you’re shy

Ask by email! People who don’t want to give can hit delete. Those who wish to support you will appreciate the opportunity!

Raising money online

To receive pledges, send your friends and family to our secure donation page,

Email and Facebook

Do you have an email account? A Facebook page? Twitter! Tweet daily. Send a message to the people in your address book and your Facebook friends encouraging them to sponsor you. Here’s a sample message:

Dear XX,

On July 4, I’m participating in the Freedom Run 5K to support a very special nonprofit, Mt. Evans Home Health & Hospice. Mt. Evans provides compassionate in-home medical care and hospice and community support services for mountain area residents. I really care about this because XXX (personalize here).

Please support me on July 4 by making a pledge to Mt. Evans! You can do it in two minutes by going to  Make sure you put my name down as the participant you’re sponsoring! If you prefer the paper and mail option, you can download a pledge form here.

Thank you for your support!.

Raising funds using a paper pledge sheet 

 • Always keep your pledge sheet with you. It makes it easier to ask for donations anywhere you go.
• Ask for payment immediately to reduce collections post-Run.
• Bring your pledge sheet to work with you.
Ask your boss and colleagues to sponsor you (and time it for pay day!)
• Start a pledge sheet for your child or pet. Often donors like a different “take” on who they sponsor.
• Set an achievable fundraising goal. It will make your effort feel more attainable.
• If you have never used a pledge sheet before, start by asking 1 or 2 friends first and you will build up your confidence.