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Heart Hand Warmers – Warming Hearts and Hands

Mount Evans Home Health Care and Hospice Heart Hand WarmersWarming Your Heart

For every set of heart hand warmers purchased, a pair will be given to a hospice, palliative care or home health patient in our mountain communities. Every set of hand warmers is lovingly handcrafted by Mount Evans volunteers.

Warming Your Hands

Heart hand warmers make a cozy gift. These adorable rice-filled warmers are the perfect size to fit in a pocket and come as a pair, one for each hand.

Our Inspiration

At Mount Evans Home Health Care & Hospice, we care for a lot of patients with cold fingers and hands. These cold extremities can be the result of medications, disease and reduced circulation or simply aging. Many of our nurses keep a rice-filled sock in their medical bag that they heat in a microwave to warm patients’ hands. Beyond providing comfort, warm hands are necessary to get an accurate pulse oximeter reading – a small medical device we use to measure a patient’s oxygen level in the blood and pulse rate.

Through your support of our hand warmer project, every mountain patient will receive the gift of warmth and love.

Click here to order your set of heart hand warmers. $10