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Certified Nursing Assistants

Brenda Barrett, CNA, CHPNA
Barrett Brenda websiteA resident of Bailey, Brenda has worked at Mt. Evans since 1987. She loves hiking, fishing, skiing, skating and traveling. She says, “Mt. Evans folks are some of the best people on the planet to work with.”



Pam Brienza, CNA, CHPNA
Brienza Pam websitePam Brienza has been with Mt. Evans since 2010. She graduated from Parks College with associate degrees in Business Administration, Accounting and International Business, and she received her CNA certification from the Ann Rose School of Nursing Arts in Westminster, Colorado. Pam lives in Black Hawk with her husband, Tom, one dog, one cat, one rabbit, one bird, one fish and five turtles. She plays guitar, banjo, fiddle and Native American flute. She loves fly fishing and gold panning as well as knitting, crocheting and clay work (mainly making fairies). She says, “Mt. Evans has the most compassionate and caring staff and volunteers. I am so thankful every day that I work for such an awesome organization.”

Nick Fedack, CNA
Fedack Nick websiteNick received his Bachelor of Science in Biology from Colorado State University. Born and raised in Evergreen, he joined the Mt. Evans staff in January 2014. In addition to his CNA job, Nick is a personal trainer, so fitness and nutrition are an integral part of his life. He also likes skiing, travel and the outdoors, and says “My fiancee, family and friends are my life.” About Mt. Evans Nick says, “Nothing is more personally fulfilling or gratifying to me than helping others. This is my best job yet; I am surrounded by such a warm and wonderful team!”



Lana Greene, CNA
Greene Lana WebsiteLana started at Mt. Evans in 2013. A native of Colorado, she shares a home with her husband and two dogs in Golden Gate Canyon, where they’ve lived for 20 years. They have two grown sons. She enjoys reading, singing, cooking, travel and getting together with family and friends as much as possible. “I enjoy mountain living and have a passion for serving people,” Lana says. “Now I get to serve people in the mountain communities as my vocation every day with Mt. Evans.”



Joyce Mathewson, CNA
Mathewson Joyce Website
Joyce joined Mt. Evans in 2012 after moving to Colorado from the Boston area. Joyce, and her husband, Dave, have three grown children who also live in the Denver area.  Her greatest joy is bringing a smile to the faces of her patients as she interacts with them in the comfort of their own homes. Joyce enjoys reading, studying the Bible, writing. camping and spending time with family and friends. She is working on her master’s degree in Chaplaincy at Denver Seminary with a goal of being a Chaplain in the not-too-distant future.

Katie Mullen, CNA, Supplies Coordinator
Mullen Katie websiteKatie received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Colorado State University and started working at Mt. Evans in 2009. She lives with her sister on Herzman Mesa in Evergreen, and enjoys reading (almost anything), watching movies, and spending time with her two cats. Katie says, “Mt. Evans is a fantastic place because all the people who work there are wonderful to be around.”