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Management Team

thumbnail_Carpenter Lori (Management Team)Lori Carpenter, Director of Volunteers and Events

Lori started at Mount Evans in 2004, and since then has filled several positions including Executive Assistant and Director of Development. She received her BA degree from Northern Arizona University. Lori lives in the 285 Corridor between Morrison and Conifer with elderly black dog. She enjoys water and snow skiing, hiking, traveling, and getting together with friends and family. She says, “Each position I have held at Mount Evans has provided me with a new reason to love this place. There could not possibly be a harder working group of individuals who are more dedicated to our mission.”

Kathy Engel, Executive Director

Engel Kathy websiteKathy Engel has been Mount Evans’ executive director since 2009. She also worked as the agency’s director of patient care from 2001 to 2006. Kathy received her nursing degree from The Ohio State University. She lives near Evergreen Lake and enjoys yoga, skiing, hiking, running, reading, and hanging with her 11-year-old dog, Orion. Kathy says, “My work at Mount Evans is more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. I am most grateful for working with such talented and compassionate people, and for the difference we are making in our community.”

Suzanne Feroldi, Director of Clinical Staff

Feroldi Suzanne WebsiteSuzanne Feroldi started working for Mount Evans as a physical therapist in July of 1985, and was selected for the position of Director of Clinical Staff in 2013. Suzanne loves helping make the agency a great place to work and the best agency to care for our community. “Working close to home and being able to help neighbors through challenging times is very rewarding.” Suzanne enjoys the outdoors, especially skiing and hiking, and also likes to be “domestic” with crochet and family time.


Beth Foster, Marketing & Communications Manager

Foster Beth WebBeth began volunteering at Mount Evans as a writer in 2003. She came full-time to the agency in 2008 after retiring from a 30-year career with Colorado’s community college system. She lives in Evergreen and loves being part of Mt. Evans’ compassionate community. Outside of work, Beth has been involved in community theater since 1990.


Doug Linn, Director of Finance

Linn Doug WebsiteDoug Linn has been Mount Evans’ Director of Finance since 1998. He received his accounting degree from Iowa State University. Doug and his family are flatlanders — they live in Littleton. As a hobby, Doug enjoys practicing magic and juggling. He says, “I am amazed at the commitment and dedication of our staff. They have always risen to tackle the constant challenges to provide the care and meet the needs of our community.”


Sandy Moorehead, Director of Patient Administration

Moorehead Sandy WebsiteSandy Moorehead, RN, CHPN, has  been with Mount Evans since 2001, when she  started as a field nurse. A Conifer resident, she has five children and  seven grandchildren. Her hobbies are hiking, skiing and spending time with family and friends. Sandy says, “I love working at Mount Evans because of the mission of caring for the sick and dying and helping them in their greatest time of need. Also, I love the staff of Mount Evans because they are an incredible group of talented, empathetic and caring people and they have big hearts and the soul for this work.”

Susan Stearns, Planned Giving/Gifts Manager

Stearns Susan websiteSusan was a board member at Mount Evans from 1987 through 2010, during which time she served as president three times. In 2013, she came to work as planned giving/gifts manager for Mount Evans. She received a degree in history from Colorado State University, and one in law from the University of Colorado. She lives with her husband, Frank, in North Evergreen. Susan loves skiing, biking, reading and eating. She says, “I love Mount Evans because I believe in our missions and the support we give in and to the community. My professional life has been in estate planning and elder law, and I am thrilled to be able to use those skills at Mount Evans.”

Sallie Wandling, Sr. Director of Community Relations

Wandling Sallie WebsiteSallie Wandling has been with Mount Evans since 1991. She is a social worker, was the bereavement director, and founded Camp Comfort. Sallie attended the University of Kansas. She lives in Evergreen with her family and her fat black pug. Sallie likes to travel, play golf, kayak, and swim. She says, “The staff and volunteers at Mount Evans are unmatched. Nowhere can you find better people to feed your soul.”