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2017 Benefit Gala
Mount Evans Nurse Meg Leadford shares why her work as a hospice nurse is so meaningful.

The Moorehead Family
A beautiful look at what hospice care means to a whole family. Mount Evans Home Health and Hospice took care of Phil Moorehead from the time he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer until his death — and continued supporting his family afterward.

Camp Comfort
Camp Comfort is a weekend camp offered twice each summer by Mount Evans Home Health & Hospice to address the special needs of grieving children ages 6 to 12. Camp Comfort offers children a supportive environment where they can gain an understanding of grief and loss. Children learn ways to cope with their grief through workshops and activities, building skills that will help them now and throughout their lives. More than 1,500 children have attended Camp Comfort since its inception in 1995.


“Every Step of the Way” – Margaret Clark & Liz Yatteau
Mount Evans volunteer Liz Yatteau developed a close, lasting relationship with Margaret Clark during the illness of her husband, Ed. The relationship continued and deepened after Ed died and Liz became Margaret’s bereavement counselor.

Laurie Davis
Mount Evans staff took care of Laurie’s husband during his battle with cancer, provided hospice as he neared the end of his life, and comforted and counseled the family as they grieved his passing.

Mark and Julie Wagner
The touching and inspiring story of Mark and Julie Wagner, who, with the help of Mount Evans Home Health & Hospice, find joy in the present and hope for the future after Mark is paralyzed from the neck down.