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Katie Mullen

Katie Mullen
Intake Coordinator

Katie Mullen started working with Mount Evans 10 years ago as a Home Health Aide because she wanted to give back to the community she grew up in.

“Mount Evans had taken care of various family members at one time or another and I wanted to be a part of that,” says Katie. “I was able to provide hospice care to a woman that I had known most of my life and I considered family. Working here allowed me to care for her and help her family through a difficult time.”

Katie continues to provide extraordinary care to the mountain communities, only now she does it as an intake coordinator.

“I help our staff provide great care to our patients. When someone needs our services, their doctor sends a referral. I enter the information into the computer and arrange the staff to see the client, create the admission packets for the clinicians and help coordinate care with the doctors’ offices.”

Katie is often the first point of contact with our patients as they begin to navigate their care. Her years of experience in the field are invaluable in helping to soothe frayed and anxious nerves.

“We work in the community that we live in and I think that gives us a special connection to our patients. Being that voice at the other end of the phone, I’m able to answer questions and help them get in touch with their clinicians. Sometimes people are scared or anxious about coming home and I can help alleviate these feelings by assuring them that we are coming to see them.”