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Mount Evans Donors

The following individuals, organizations, and businesses donated money and/or goods to Mount Evans during the period of April 1, 2017 through March 31, 2018.

If your name does not appear on this list and you believe it should, contact Marcia Vickerman at or 303.674.6400


$10,000 & above

Benson Family Foundation, Inc.
Clear Creek County Commissioners
Community First Foundation
Cub Creek Ranch, LLC
Daniels Fund
Denver Regional Council of Governments Area Agency on Aging
Gene & Ruth Posner Foundation, Inc
Gilpin County  Clorinda Smith
Dean Haave and  Roseann Stiblo
Hart Family Foundation
Dave and Cindy Higgins
Al and Janice Himmelman
Alan Horowitz
Carol and Curt Linke
Marion Esser Kaufmann Foundation
New West Physicians
Pete and Meryl Sabeff
Doug Spencer and  Kathleen Parrish
Susan Stearns and Frank O’Loughlin
Stone Family Foundation
Virginia W. Hill Foundation
Weary Family Foundation
Barb Zendig


$5,000 to $9,999

Ades Design Builders, Inc.
Anschutz Foundation
Pamela and Richard Bard
Roy and Susan Beaton  Jr.
Cancer League of Colorado
Community First Foundation
Evergreen Dental Group
Evergreen Lutheran Church
First Bank of Evergreen
Ralph and Pat Haines
J.M. McDonald Foundation
Barkus Jernigan
LIV Sotheby’s International Realty
Kathe Lundhagen
Mabel Y. Hughes Charitable Trust
Shawn and Kristi O’Neal
Marie Owens and Richard Swinney
Nancy Parrish
Craig Ponzio
Rick and Gail Posner
Carolyn and Scott Recknor
Denny and Cathy Rundle
The Denver Foundation
The Moniker Foundation
Bruce and Pat Thoms

$2,500 to $4,999

Andy and Ginny Ades
Allen Technology Advising, Inc.
Ted and Julie Antenucci
Linda and Dale Baker
Brian Himmelman State Farm
Burt Foundation Inc.
Jim and Trudy Chiddix
Christ The King Catholic Church
Conifer Newcomers & Neighbors
Fred and Carol Espenship
Ted and Doreen Evans
Hershal and Trudy Ferguson  Jr.
Marvin and Dee Geisness
Gordon & Rees, L.L.P.
Allyson and Bob Gottsman
Greystar Real Estate Partners
Kathryn Hassell, MD and Roger Hassell
Beverly Keeler-Sprout, DDS and Jeff Sprout, DDS
Doug Kinzy and Holly Jorgensen
Bill Lambert  Colette Thoreau
Tim O’Donnell and Pari Motiwala
Jim and Dianne Robinson
Rotary Club of Conifer
Schlessman Family Foundation, Inc.
Sue Sells
Charley Shimanski and Christiane Leitinger
Aleta Karen Smith and Jim Smith
Janice Smith
Ed and Mary Steinbrecher
The Foundation at Rolling Hills

$1,000 to $2,500

Kathleen Ackerman
Tom and Julie Adams
Albert Frei & Sons
Candace Allen and Bob Woodward
Bob and Mary Pat Amedeo
Ken and Maggie Bardsley
Gail Barnes
Paula Barnes and Rob Baker
Michael and Dana Barone
Robert Benson
Cheryl Benware
Big O Tires Evergreen
Bill Downes /Evergreen Commercial Group LLC
Susan and Walter Blake
Blue Sky Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
Blue Spruce Kiwanis
Polly Boley
Peggy and Bill Braun
Bridgewater Associates, LP
John Brown and Jamie Alpert
Mark and Deborah Carter
Center for Cosmetic Surgery
Fred and Laura Churchley
Ken Cohen, MD and Andrea Cohen
Coldwell Banker/ Cindy Sahli
Colorado School of Healing Arts
Cooper’s on the Creek
Raymond Costello
Nan Davis
Carla Davis Larson and Kevin Larson
Patty DeLucas
Ed and Mary Dickhoff
Carol and Greg Dobbs
Janie and Dick Dolecek
Kristina & Blair Eklund
Evergreen Bluegrass Festival
Evergreen Elks Lodge, #2363
Evergreen Vision Clinic, P.C.
Kyle and Marcy Feagans
Steve Fitzsimmons and Melissa Montgomery-Fitzsimmons
Patricia Flannery
Joe Florez
Peter and Claudia Forbes
Michael and Katherine Gaddis
Bob and Karin Gibbs
Cheryl and Dale Glover
Valerie Gluth
Deborah Grossman
Gerald and Carol Grunska
Gysin & Company Insurance
Butch and Debby Hartman
Ellen Henika
Sue Henry
Brian and Sandra Himmelman
Georgetown Railroad Historic Rail Adventures, LLC
Gretchen Hock  and Dan Hock, OD
Rod and Carolyn Hock
Huff Insurance Services
Elizabeth Hund
Intermountain Rural Electric Association
John and Joanne Kirby
Diane and Dave Kloos
Neil Knowlton
George and Ruth Krauss
LAM Tree Service
Nicholas LeClercq
Carole and Allan Lhotka
Dustin and Barbara Lindsey
George and Barbara Long
Dale and Linda Lovin
Bob and Carla McFadden
Harold and Elinor McGlathery
Lisa and Tom McLagan
Mountain View Physical Therapy, PC
Leif Nelson
Bert and Pat Newman
Joe and Evette Nowicki
Tom and Diane O’Connor
Michele & Dave Overley
Eunice Parker
Susan Payne
John and Cassie Pazour
Mark Pfenninger, MD and Shari Pfenninger
Sue and Dick Phelps
Nadja Pisula-Litoff and Jim Pisula
Bob and Joy Poirot
Jo and Jon Powers
Tom and Janet Quinn
John and Sherry Redmond
Rising Graphics + Printing
Sue Roux
Buzz and Laura Sampson
Paul and Kathy Sandquist
William Schell
Barb and Tom Scripps
Harriet Sear
Sells Law Firm, LLC
Phil Shanley and Barb Hadley
Eileen Sharkey and  James Darling
Ron and Sandy Sherbert
Shotcrete Technologies, Inc.
John Simmons
Penny Simpson
Hans and Rita Sinkovec
Bill and Marcia Smith
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
The Evergreen Angel
Timberline Disposal, LLC
Christopher and Janis Trainor
Laurie and Robert Troudt
Vicki Wallen
Jim and Linda Waugaman
Scott and Andrea Webber
Julie Martin and Don Westfall
Patrick and Kristi White
Andrew and Heidi Wolfe
Richard Woods
Debbie Writer and John Watson
Xcel Energy Foundation


$500 to $999

Adams Plumbing & Heating Company
Neil Alexander and Patti Gill
Tadini Bacigalupi
Nancy and Jeff Balter
Banko Family Fund
Sue and Bud Bardsley
Rebecca Boley
Randy Brame
Jerry and Donna Bucholz
Anita Buckner
Carby Insurance Agency
Catellus Development Corp
Mark and Linda Colville
Conifer Dental Group
Billie Cox
Gerald Dahl
Davidson Insurance Agency, Inc.
Bill Dickson
Bob and Laurie Dolian
Robert Ehret
Elevation Dental
Bruce Epstein
Evergreen Country Day School
Evergreen Memorial Park
Evergreen Physical Therapy Specialists
Evergreen Sport & Spine Physical Therapy
Mark Feller and Mary Konrad Feller
Peggy and Dale Fetchenhier
Fidelity Charitable
Arlene Fitterer
Cathi Fox
Michael Gaither
Blair and Paula Gay
Thomas and Dee Gorman
John Groves
Mary Haling
Curt and Barbara Harris
Sue Harvey-Dunn
Jon and Christy Holbrook
Hotel Chateau Chamonix
Kent Huff and Stu Pons
Patti and Hans Hultgren
LuAnn and Hank Kaanta
Michael and Colleen Kaiser
Furgus Hoffman Kalafsky
Barbara Kerans
Nancy Koons
Tom Korin
Thomas Laidlaw
Christophe and Sue Lawrie
Kay Ledyard
Michael and Meg Leonard
Laura Lindley
Love & Light TLC
Brian Lovin
Nancy Lowe
Angela Madan
Bill Manning and Marsha Manning, MD
Arthur Martin
Jean and Jerry Mensendick
Josette Montgomery
Marc and Regina Musyl
Raule Nemer and Bob Topp
Renee Okubo
Paula Painter
Chris and Ginger Payne
Robert and Edith Pierce
Michael and Cheryl Quaintance
Regan Orthodontics
Mark and Ginny Reiss
Stephen and Janis Repaz
Mary Rieple
Rotary Club of Evergreen
Dr. Gary and Dianne Rotolo
Linda Rouze
Sarah and Heinz Salmen
Camille and Gary Schmitz
Donald Sharp, DDS and Sandy Sharp
Gail Sharp
Shoppe Internationale
Melony Smith
Sally Stearns
Judy Stoeser
Sarah and Les Sweeney
Rosalyn Timon
Richard and Kathleen Traynor
Tupper’s Team / RE/MAX Alliance Evergreen
Don and Annette Urbas
Geneva Vance
Richard Wales
Greg and Kim Wambolt
Phil Waters and Sandra Chelist
Wheaton Sales, LLC
Dick and Sally Williams
Dana and Gwen Woodbury
Anna Lou Wooldridge
Lisa and Geoff Wormer
Jeff and Becky Zimmerman


$250 to $499

Alexa Interiors, LLC
Glenn Andersen and Tekla Inglese
William Ball, Jr and Joan Ball
Karen Bent
Connie and Kurt Bierkan
Aimee Boyle
Sharon Brown
Margaret Clark
Michael and Wendy Cole
Gene and Susan Cookenboo
Ben Croce and Nikki Pounds
Dick Davis and Melanie Anderson
Laurie and Jim Davis
Robert Edwards and Jennifer Edwards, PhD
John and Karen Engstrom
Espresso Evergreen
Beverly Evans
Julianna and Mike Fahy
Felde & Associates, CPAs, LLC.
Bruce and Beth Feldkamp
Reg Fleming
Sharon Foley
Nancy and Glenn Forsey
David and Debra Freyer
Maryann Galpin-Plattner
Dave and Peggy Gawe
Gerou & Associates, Ltd.
Penn and Marilyn Gildersleeve
Shelley Gilliland
Sandie Godsman
George and Sunny Golder
Gini Dee Guinn
Leslie and Ken Hancock
Paul Hancock
Lois Hartley
Chip and Diana Hartney
Sharon and Randy Holstlaw
Hanna Holt
Curt and Keri Jaeger
Maureen James
Mike and Vicki Johnson
Shari Kermer
Richard and Patricia Korpan
David and Sandra Kremser
Todd Landrum
Steve and Susan Lehman
Bill Lewis
Sheila and Peter Lind
Douglas and Gaile Linn
Robert Loeffler
Mary Jane Loevlie
Human Resources Louisiana-Pacific Inc.
Daniel Lucy
Lutheran Church of the Cross
Jim and Laura Markus
Cathy and Bruce Martin
Bryan and Michele McFarland
Arthur and Barbara Mendez
Sandy Moorehead
Richard More
Morning Star Jewelers, Inc.
Barbara Nevins
Jimmy and Helen New
Rick and Gail Newberg
Ceci Nowack and Rick Roadruck
Angie and John O’Keefe
Richard and Elizabeth Olde
Cindy and Todd Oliver
Gary and Susan Phillips
James and Suzanne Popejoy
Mark and Patti Pratt
Lil Ranniger
Ryan and Maddy Reed
Robert J. and Barbara Reilly
Frederica Riahi
Bill and Barbara Rickord
Ridings Insurance Agency Inc.
Peter and Mary Ann Ringgold
Ari and Alecia Robert
Edward and Jean Robertson
Rotary Club of Clear Creek
Rotary Club of Mountain Foothills
Leah Ryan
Barry and Michelle Schroeder
Wolf and Joy Schumacher
Daniel and Ruth Setlak
Jerry and Joan Shrimpton
Forrest and Debra Smith
Splintered Forest
James Stevens
Kennon and Marianne Temple
Judy and Glenn Tersteeg
Richard and Colleen Truly
Mark and Julie Wagner
Mrs. Audrey M. Weihaupt
J. Robert and Marguerite Wilson
John Wilson and Mollie Mitchell
Nadine Winegard
Marcia Younger
Bob and Martha Zavodsky


Up to $249

Jill and Eric Aafedt
Heather Aberg
Wilson and Theresa Acevedo
Mimi and Gil Adamowski
Teresa and Harvey Adams
Cyndy Adams-Smith and William Smith
Patricia Addis
Kim Agnew
Jan Aitken
Nancy and Grady Alderman
Edward Aldrich
Diana Aldridge
Ruth Alford
Danny and Karen Alkayam
Don and Carliss Allan
Barbara Allen
John and Adrienne Alston
Eileen Alter
Amazon (Smiles)
Roger and Jeanne Ambrosier
Todd and Kelly Amen
Coralue Anderson
Marion and Clyde Anderson
Pete and Pam Anderson
Anne Andrus
Ellie Arden
Jeannette Armbrustmacher
T.J. Armbrustmacher
Cynthia Arnold
Richard Arnold
Jordan Arvik
Rosa and Lindsey Ashby
Ardys and Arlie Askelson
Geoffrey Audsley
Carol Austell
Carol Bachman
Lisa Bacon
Christopher and Danene Bair
Craig and Janis Bakken
Fern Balaun
John and Laurie Ballegeer
Jim Balmer
Murray and Beverly Balter
Steve Banks
Alexander Banz
Nancy Barish
Robert Barker
Judith Barnes
Margot Barnes
Barta & Associates
The Barth Family
Paula Bashor
David Batalsky
Kathleen Bauman
Chris and Dawn Baumann
Elizabeth Beaver
Beaver Brook Pet Center
Marilynn Bell
William and Jacqueline Bell
Bell & Howell
Rob and Barb Bender
Ann Bengtson
Skip Bennett
Bergen Elementary School PTA
Bergen House #312
Jason Berman
Cynthia Best
Janice Birney
Susan Bittell
Pam Bixter
Dr. Michael Bjork
Blackford Weighing Systems, Inc.
Shirley Boling
Vickie Borden
Clu Borland
Tom and Ginny Boschen
Sarah and David Bott
Copeland and Judith Bradford
Robert and Annette Bradley
Terrence Brady
Jackie Braidech
Roger Brandenburg
Jeff and Sally Brant
Abby Brennan
Kerry Brennan
Allan and Luise Brook
Debra Brown
Robert and Nancy Brown
Steven and Susan Brown
Joan Browne
Carol Brozic
Virginia Bryant
Jim and Sue Buchan
Marion F Bugher
James and Pamela Bunch
Ray Burden
Wayne and Louise Burger
James and Connie Burt
Stephanie Byers
Jane Cadwallader
Dennis and Janet Callan
Pam and Jim Callender
Richard and Kathleen Callender
Allan and Tonya Cameron
Benita B. Campbell
Bruce and Dianne Campbell
Jeanne Cannon
Jeanne Canny
Capital Area United Way
Charles and Bette Carcano
Mary Ellen Carlow
Richard and Joyce Carney
Lori Carpenter
Robert Carran
Allan and Shirley Casey
Jodie and John Cassin
Kathleen Castleman and Curt Castleman, Jr
Shelly Catterson
Craig and Kathi Chaffee
Jim and Linda Chalat
Nancy Chalex
Jack and Pam Chesnutt
Dianne Chorny
Sue Chynoweth
Dennis and Linda Cinelli
Tom Clapp
George and Maria Clark
Gayle and John Claus
Michael and Marjorie Clinton
Cobble Creek Book Club of Montrose CO
M.L. Coburn
J. H. Cochran
Michael and Sara Connolly
Joyce Conrey
Ann Cook
Becky Cook
Deborah Cornell
Diane Corso
Pat and Julie Corwin
Charles and Dana Costello
Beckie and Dave Covill
Shelley Cox-Diegel
Michael and Teresa Crespin
Renee Crews
John Crispino
Raymond and Pat Crist
Susan and Fred Cromie
Rae and Bill Cronk
Susan Crouch
Paula Curran
Ray Curtis
Scott and Val Curtis
Shari Cutler
Steven Dalberth
Dan and Maryann Dalpes
Dean and Dana Dalvit
James Davidson
Sally Davidson Marovich
Brenda Davis
Chuck and Mary Ann Davis
Jeff Davis
Kathe Davis
Gisela Davis-Henderson
Suzanne de Disse
Hudson and Carol Dean
Candy Decker
Betty Deering
Julie and James Deleeuw
Jean Demlow
Sydney Denius
Mary and Richard Deslauriers
Michael and Meghan Deslauriers
Dale Devine
Claire Diaz
David and Nancy Dickert
Kay Dickson
James DiMaggio
Mildred Discher
Karl Dise
Wes Dobbins
Rocco and Judi Dodson
Cathy Donahue
David Dorsey
Merry Dougherty
Gail and Tom Dreis
Sandy Drennan
Libby Dufford
Ruth Dugue
Gary Dunford
Judy Dunkley
Janet Eaddy
Susan Eagleston
Linda Easton
Rex and Sharon Eaves
Stan and Brenda Eckert
Patty Eddington
Peter and Peggy Eggers
Susan and Rod Eichler
Bill and Nancy Eldridge
Jeff Emery
Endurance Sports Marketing Group
Margaret Engelke
Susan English
Fran Enright
James and Dr. Virginia Epstein
Ken Ester
Terri Everhart
EverWest Real Estate Partners
Priscilla Evilsizer
Margaret Ewell
Henry and Inge Falvey
William Farr
Scott Feavel
William Felder
Patricia Fellows
Rick Femmer
Suzanne and Bob Feroldi
Linda Fisher
Barbara Fitzgerald
Donna Fitzgerald
Betty Fitzpatrick
Mary Flannery
Roald Flater
Debbie Fleming
Heather Fleming
Barbara Flynn
Trevor Fontaine
Margie Fontenot
Loretta Forkey
Lori Fortier
Beth Foster
Julia and Matt Francis
Raeanne and Richard Frazer
Marlene Friends from Juniper Lane and Witter Gulch
Beverly Friesen
Henry and Diane Fuchs
Robert Fuchs
Gina Fugnitto
Maud and Tracy Galloway
Debbie Garcia
Sharon Garcia
Gayle Gardner
Pat Garner
Kelly and Maria Garrod
Steven George
Karen Gerrity
Jill Ghnassia
Diana Gibbons
John Gildner
Leon and Gretchen Giles
Alan Gionet and Kim DeVigil
Jean Giroulx
Thomas Gleason
Tom and Ann Glossa
Robert and Crista Glucksman
Michael and Linda Golden
Walt and Marilyn Goltl
Kristi Gonzales
Jane Goodenough
Mark and Jeanne Goosmann
Gayle Gordon and Rob Wesson
Diane Graboski
John and Nancy Grace
Patty Granato
Richard and Vivian Grauch
Jen and Bill Graves
Mike and Kathy Graybill
Dawn Gregory
Karl Greve
Patricia and John Gries
Paul Grillo
Lyle and Janet Grimmett
David and Marilyn Grissett
Glenda Guanella
Shari Gulbrandsen
Linda Hackett
Trudy Hagen
Lora Haimes
Daniel and Patty Hall
Larry and Susie Hall
Maureen Hall
Ralph Hall, MD and Eunice Larson, MD
Robert Hall
Kathryn Haller
Kris Hallquist
Jana Hamilton
Kathy Hamilton
Marti Hand
Bob and Donna Hanisch
Tracy and Aaron Hansen
Ruth Harding
Howard and Ann Hargrove
Bruce Harman
Susan and Mark Harper
Suzanne Harris and Tom Lockwood
James and Dolores Harrison
Barbara Hart
Jerry Hart
Betsy and John Hays
Don and Ginger Hein
Paula Hencke
Denise Henderson
Kyra Hernandez
Jody Hickey
Nancy and Patrick Hiester
Highland Haven Creekside Inn
Elaine and Dave Hill
Rhoda Hill
Jim Hinds
Bonnie Hisgen
Historic Georgetown, Inc.
Ann and Dean Hittle
Andrea Hix
Gary and Tamme Hodge
Ted and Barbara Hoepner
Andrea Hoff
Albert and Charyn Hoffman
Dale and Evelyn Coffin Hoffman
Cass Hofmann
Margaret Hohu
Holland Hurst, Inc.
Risa and Chris Holmes
Elaine Hood
Linda Hood
Sally Hopper
William and Carole Horger  Jr.
Ed Hornfeck
Debbie Hottinger
Kay Howell
Michael and Teri Hubbeling
Gene and Gloria Huber
Ruthanne Huber
Liz and Chaz Hudd
Donald Hudson
Katherine Hulpiau
Heidi and Paul Humbeutel
Richard and Josephine Hurlock
Terry Hylland
Susan Imming
Colleen Ingalsbe
Patricia and Thomas Inman
Robert and Sondra Inman
Randy Jackson and Celia Feinstein
Brenda Jansen
Java Groove
Jennifer Jeans
Jefferson Unitarian Church
Dianne and Dale Jeffries
Patricia Jobe
Emiko and Kent Johnson
Kay Johnson
Kristin Johnson
Martha Johnson
Mary Johnson
Norman and Dorothy Johnson
Sharon Johnson
Darryl Jones
David and Margaret Jones
Peter and Tandy Jones
Zella Jones
Jennifer Kachnic
Deborah Kalb
Kathleen and Mike Kane
Rodgers Kaufmann
Susan Kearnes
Gail Keeler
Kelly Keller
Barbara Kelly
Elizabeth Kelson
Andrea Ketch
Penelope Kidd
Edith Kiefer
Gayle Kingery
Linda Klein
Janet Klenk
John Klug
Diane Knapp
Stephen Knapp
Debra Koll
Michael and Joanne Kortendick
David and Jane Kostik
Debbie Kotas
Joan Krausman
Jim and Anita Kreider
Neliza Kriedemann
Mike and Kathy Krieger
Donald and Louise Krill
Arthella and Frank Kulow
Carl Kushner
Roger and Cheryl Ladd
Barb and Mark Lamperski
Randy and Susan Lange
Shirley Lankford
Max Lankston
Ken and Nancy Larner
Andrew Larson
David Lass
Kathleen Laurie
Brad Leach
Laura and Buddy Leach
Meg and Kevin Leadford
Kathryn Lees
Audrey Lein
Joyce Lemelin
Martha Lepinski
William Lester
Allan and Carol Lewandowski
Life Care Center of Evergreen
Dan and Beth Lincoln
C.J. and Carolyn Lind
Lindeberg & Associates, P.C.
Kim Lindsay
Heidi Livingston
Russell and Anita Livingston
Robert Loesch
David and Marcia Loomis
Joan and Leon Loughridge
Toni Louwagie
Thomas Lukich
Lorna Lusk
Dale and Michele Lutz
Betty Luzadder
Richard and Carol Luzietti
Lynn Westfall / REMAX Alliance
Evelyn and Dave Lyon
Jeanine MacCluskey
Donald and Barb MacDonald
Gayle MacDougall
Carol and Drew MacKenzie
Pam and Mark Macy
Ruth Madison
Nancy Madsen
Virginia Mahoney
Jerry and Janet Mallow
Joan Manchester
Carol Mann
Luis and Dixie Manzanares
Jen Maramonte
Anne Marks
Joel and Machiele Marks
Pete and Edie Marks
John and Cynthia Marschner
Don and Debbie Marshall
Karen Marti
Rebecca Martin
Amber Martinez
Juliette Mason
Jim and Pat Massaro
Lianna Mastin
Jamie Mathews
Lynn Matthes
Alison Matthewman
Jeanne Maxwell
Tara May  Steve Parrott
Gus Mayer
Donald and Jean McBride
Robert McBride
Bob McCarroll
Harold McCarty, Jr. and Marlene Hahn
Jack and Susan McCutchan
George H. McDaniel
Richard McDonald
John and Edna McDonough
Jeanne McGinnis
Shirley McGlinchy
Elizabeth McKee
Anne Mckinley
Margery McKnight
Heidi McLean
Teresa McNeill
Sandy McRae
Carl and Linda Mechling
Roger and Monica Metz
Nancy Metzler
Janell and George Meyer
Earl and Linda Miller
Peggy Miller
Sascha Miller
Terry and Linda Miller
Wayne Miller
Gloria Mills
Lisa Mills
Anna Mitchell
Richard and Jeane Mitzelfelt
Yvonne Molter
Laura Mooney
Bill and Freda Moore
Leslie and Tim Moore
Richard and Dorothea Moores
Beth Moran
Chizuko Morita
John and Winona Moritz
Jane Morong
Ann Mari Morris
Lee Anne Morris
Joyce Morrow
Gary and Lynne Morse
Louise Mounsey
Mountain Hearth & Patio
Jack Mulkey
Pat and Suzanne Mullen
Donna Mullins
Peter Munson
Elaine and Paul Murphy
Karen and Maddie Musser
My Mountain Town
Ralph Nafziger
Elizabeth Nash
Joan and Mark Nelson
Steve and Tina Nelson
Network for Good
Joan Newlin
Evelyn Newton and Gregory Vanderbeck
Ronald Niccoli
Nancy Nickle
Betty Nicklow
Jeff and Linda Nielander
Gay Niermann
Betty Nissler
Jim and Terry Nist
Thom and Cris Noller
Ann Noone
Norman and Elizabeth Nordeen
Marianne North
Emily Northam
Dan and Denise Noyes
Rayda Oakley
Judy O’Brien
Reed and Mark O’Brien
Holly and Rich O’Connor
Vickie O’Connor
Judy O’Daniel
Josef and Anna Oed
Bob and Mary Ann Ogden
Kate Olde-Porter
Elaine and Bud O’Leary
Priscilla and Mike O’Leary
Thomas and Joan Oliver
Roy Olson
Kevin and Nancy Jo O’Malley
On the Move Fitness
John and Jane Orlando
Carol Orr & Company, Inc.
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Third Party Fundraisers

Ellie’s Evening at Willow Creek Restaurant – Kristopher and Curtis Lincoln
Cody Ray Slaughter Concert – Bruce and Pat Thoms
Slacker Half Marathon – Clear Creek County Commissioners
Evergreen Bluegrass Festival – Dana Price