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Mount Evans Donors

 The following individuals, organizations, and businesses donated money and/or goods to Mount Evans during the period of 10/1/15 to 12/31/15. If your name does not appear on this list and you believe it should, contact Nancy Hiester at or 303.674.6400.

$10,000 and Up

A.V. Hunter Trust, Inc
Bob and Cynthia Benson
Benson Family Foundation, Inc.
Clear Creek County Commissioners
Denver Regional Council of Governments Area Agency on Aging
Evergreen Fine Art Gallery and Sculpture Garden
Gilpin County
Dean Haave and Roseann Stiblo
Hart Family Foundation
Sue Harvey-Dunn
Dave and Cindy Higgins
Marion Esser Kaufmann Foundation
Robert Meade
New West Physicians
Doug  Spencer and Kathleen Parrish
Susan  Stearns and Frank O’Loughlin
Stone Family Foundation
The Foster Family Private Foundation, Inc
Weary Family Foundation


Andy and Virginia Ades
Ades Design Builders, Inc.
Anschutz Foundation
Susan and Walter Blake
Blue Spruce Kiwanis
Cancer League of Colorado
Cub Creek Ranch, LLC
Kathy Laurnen and Mark Laurnen, MD
Evergreen Dental Group
Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty
Gene & Ruth Posner Foundation, Inc
David Graham
Kerry and Megan Hicks
Allen and Janice Himmelman
J.M. McDonald Foundation
John G. Duncan Charitable Trust
Carol and Curt Linke
Wayne and Kathe Lundhagen
Mabel Y. Hughes Charitable Trust
Shawn and Kristi O’Neal
Painter Ohrbeck Family Foundation
Craig Ponzio
Renal Ventures Management, LLC
Pete and Meryl Sabeff
Virginia W. Hill Foundation


Michael and Dana Barone
Laura  Belsten  Kenneth Wonstolen
Peggy and Bill Braun
Holly and Jeff Brekke
Bob and Renee Brown
Burt Foundation Inc.
Mark and Deborah Carter
Dr. Ira Chang  and William Richmond
Christ The King Catholic Church
Fred and Laura Churchley
Colorado Serenity
Ben Croce and Nikki Pounds
Evergreen Lutheran Church
Hershal and Trudy Ferguson
First Bank of Evergreen
Steve  Fitzsimmons and Melissa Montgomery-Fitzsimmons
Marvin and Dee Geisness
Robert and Karin Gibbs
Gordon & Rees
Kathryn hassell, MD and Roger Hassell
Mary Jane Loevlie
Dale and Linda Lovin
Nancy Parrish
Carolyn Quan and Porter Bennett
Paul Regan, DMD and Marjorie Regan
Rolling Hills Country Club Foundation
Buzz Sampson
Sue Sells
Charley Shimanski and Christiane Leitinger
Jim and Karen Smith
Ed and Mary Steinbrecher
The Charles & Joanne McIlwaine Foundation
Scott and Andrea Webber
Wells Fargo Advisors
   – Candace Allen
   – Grayson Drexel
   – Christine Satterfield


Tom and Julie Adams
Candace Allen and Bob Woodward
Kathe Allison
Gary and Jackie Antweiler
Bank of the West
Gail Barnes
Paula  Barnes and Rob Baker
Roy Beaton, Jr. and Susan Beaton
Blue Sky Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
Brian Himmelman State Farm
Bridgewater Associates, LP
Steve and Samantha Broderick
Robert Brown and Kelli Kast-Brown
Jerry and Donna Bucholz
Ron and Kim Carter
Chalat Law
James and Trudy Chiddix
Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Dept
Climax Molybdenum Company
Colorado School of Healing Arts
Conifer Medical Center
Conifer Newcomers & Neighbors
Conifer Rotary Foundation
COPIC Insurance Company
Raymond Costello
Nan Davis
Carla  Davis Larson and Kevin Larson
Sue Ann DeGarbo
Pat Dent
Ed and Mary Dickhoff
Carol and Greg Dobbs
Janie and Dick Dolecek
Elevation Dental
Encana Cares (USA) Foundation
Bruce Epstein
Fred and Carol Espenship
Evergreen Elks Lodge #2363
Evergreen Mountain Medicine, LLC
Evergreen Music Festival
Evergreen Vision Clinic
Kyle and Marcy Feagans
Peggy and Dale Fetchenhier
Beth Foster
Stephen and Janet Gluskoter
Allyson and Robert Gottsman
Heather Graham and Sean Endsley
Deborah Grossman
John Groves
Stan and Nancy Hill
Gretchen Hock and Dan Hock, OD
Rod and Carolyn Hock
Home Care Assistance
David Hosier
John and Joanne Kirby
Neil Knowlton
George and Ruth Krauss
Lam Tree Service
Bill and Colette Lambert
Paul and Vicki Leroue
Loveland Ski Area
Dr. John and Gretchen MacArthur
Bryan and Michele McFarland
Harold and Elinor McGlathery
MGN Family Foundation
Mike and Joni Ann Morella
Mountain Mini Storage
Ceci  Nowack  Rick Roadruck
Regan Orthodontics
Chris and Ginger Payne
John and Cassie Pazour
Sue and Dick Phelps
Nadja and Jim Pisula-Litoff
Don and Jane Quinn
Thomas and Janet Quinn
Sheryl Randall
Rising Graphics
Jim and Dianne Robinson
Warren and Betsy Rose
Sue Roux
Sahli Studio
Sharon Scanlan
Barbara and Tom Scripps
Harriet Sear
Sells Law Firm, LLC
Phil  Shanley  and Barbara Hadley
Eileen Sharkey and Jim Darling
Norman and Sandy Sherbert
Penny Simpson
Paul Slater
Bill and Marcia Smith
Janice Smith
Sallie and Lee Wandling
Phil  Waters and Sandra Chelist
James Waugaman
Bill and Deanna Weisenborn
Chuck and Janet Wilson
John and Jeannie Witwer
Debbie Writer


Albert Frei & Sons
Bob and Mary Pat Amedeo
Marla Asheim
Mike Asheim
Gail and Bill Atkins
Geoffrey Audsley
Tod Bacigualupi
Nancy and Jeff Balter
Duke  Behrens  and Cindy Wilson
Rob and Barb Bender
Russ and Polly Boley
Mike and Charlotte Bornhouser
Tupper and Karla Briggs
Sandra Bruggeman
J.R. Buergisser
Thomas and Janet Chandler
Lisa and Pat Clark
Tom and Barbara Clark
Cherie and Steve Coe
Mark Colville
Community Health Charities
Billie Cox
Creative Adoptions
David L. and Margaret W. Everhart Revocable Trust
Evergreen Animal Hospital
Evergreen Memorial Park
Evergreen Physical Therapy Specialists
Michael Ferguson
Kris and Angie Fischer
Reg Fleming
Cheryl Glover
George and Sunny Golder
Janine Guillen
Gini Dee Guinn
Mary Haling
Hamilton Linen & Uniform
Meme Hardin
Ellen Henika
William Hinchliff
Helen Hogan
Jon and Christy Holbrook
David and Jennifer Hood
Jim and Carol Howlin
Huff Insurance Services
Frederick and Jerrie Hughes
Intermountain Rural Electric Association
Les and Ann Johnson
Ray and Jeanne Keeler
Barbara Kerans
Stacey Jo Kirkland
Owen Knutson
Nancy Koons
Tom Korin
Carole and Allan Lhotka
Kristen Louis
Nancy Lowe
Dick Lupton
Julie McKenna
Josette Montgomery
Bud and Claire Moore
Mountain View Physical Therapy
John Nelson
Raule  Nemer and Robert Topp
Network for Good
Jake  Norton and Wende Valentine
Tom and Diane O’Connor
David and Michelle Overly
Dr. Todd and Jo Overton
Marie Owens
Paula Painter
Mark Pfenninger, MD and Shari Pfenninger
Jo and Jon Powers
Premier Mortgage Company LLC
Prestige Imports
Michael Quaintance
Joanne Ralston
RE/MAX Alliance Evergreen
Betty and Tex Reel
Mark and Ginny Reiss
Tad Riley
Rotary Club of Clear Creek
Dr. Gary and Dianne Rotolo
Ted and Chris Schaefer
Donald and Sandy Sharp
Shotcrete Technologies, Inc.
Jerry and Joan Shrimpton
Sam and Linda Smith
Bob and Beverly Snyder
Deborah and James Stellini
Team Evergreen Bicycle Club, Inc.
The Denver Foundation
Christopher and Janis Trainor
Randy Tripp
Don and Annette Urbas
Geneva Vance
Bonnie Vivian
Mark and Julie Wagner
Bob and Joan Waldman
Richard Wales
Vicki Wallen
George and Phyllis Wittenberg
Anna Lou Wooldridge
Lisa and Geoff Wormer
Xcel Energy Foundation Matching Program


9 Health Services, Inc
Adams Plumbing & Heating
Alexa Interiors, LLC
Melinda Allbright
Mary Jo Allen
American Family Insurance
Glenn  Andersen and Tekla Inglese
Karl Andersen
Zairah Antweiler
William and Joan Ball
Banko Family Fund
Ken Bardsley
Robert Benson
Jamie Bittle
Marjorie Braisted
George and Sharon Brown
Jane Bruce
Marion Bugher
Ray Burden
Richard and Wendy Cabral
Miles Carson
Shelly Catterson
Linda Cavanaugh
Art and Nancy Chmelik
Colleen Cleary-Doone
Michael and Wendy Cole
Stanley and Patricia Conway
Gerald Dahl
Davidson Insurance Agency
Dick Davis
Bill Dickson
Judy Dunkley
Ruth and Tony Dyba
Linda Eikenberry
Mary Endacott
John Engstrom
Evergreen Country Day School
Evergreen Sport & Spine Physical Therapy
Felde & Associates CPAS, LLC
Richard and Shelley Ferland
David and Debra Freyer
Terry Galpin-Plattner
Melodie Garrobo
Steven George
Jill Ghnassia
Penn and Marilyn Gildersleeve
Leon and Gretchen Giles
Golden Ridge Surgery Center
John Gordon
Michael and Beth Greenberg
Gysin & Company
John Haile
Curt and Barbara Harris
Leeon Hayden
Carol Henry
John Herpers
Alan Horowitz
Susan Imming
Jefferson Unitarian Church
Mike Johnson
Pamela Johnson
David and Carmen Julseth
LuAnn and Hank Kaanta
Linda Kleist
Andrew Larson
Christophe and Sue Lawrie
Kay Ledyard
Audrey Lein
Bill Lewis
Jean Lewis
Laura Lindley
Robert Loeffler
Daniel Lucy
Evelyn Lyon
Arthur Martin
Tim and Marilyn Masters
Tim McCutcheon
Robert and Carla McFadden
Tom and Suzanne McNulty
Joan Melgard
Barbara and Paul Melinkovich
Arthur and Barbara Mendez
Marc and Regina Musyl
Cindy Oliver
Our Lady of the Pines
Melissa and Scott Palmer
Eunice Parker
Doug and Marjie Petty
Gary and Susan Phillips
Bob and Joy Poirot
James and Suzanne Popejoy
Paul  Raile  Jean Gan
John and Sherry Redmond
Rich and Nancy Reynolds
Mary Rieple
Rocky Mountain Cabana Specialist
Rotary Club of Conifer
Dennis and Catherine Rundle
Robert and Jenifer Saliba
Scripps, Taylor & Associates, PC
Elaine Sohrweid
John and Beth Spence
Leo Stambaugh
State Farm Insurance
Sally  Stearns  Ray Thomas
James Stevens
Kennon and Marianne Temple
The Celtic Tavern
The Wild Game
Bob and Lynda Thompson
Calvin Thompson
Jan and Dave Thulin
Timberline Disposal LLC
Rosalyn Timon
Danny and Amy Tomlinson
Laurie and Robert Troudt
Tuscany Tavern
Daniel Tybor
Mike Van Portfliet
Mrs. Audrey Weihaupt
Dick and Sally Williams
Sally Williams
John  Wilson and Mollie Mitchell
Donald Woods
Richard Woods
Susan Woodward


Mimi and Gil Adamowski
Susan  Adamowski  and Carrie Coates
Teresa and Harvey Adams
Cyndy  Adams-Smith  William Smith
Kim Agnew
Paul and Susan Ahlquist
Chris and Terri Albers
Nancy and Grady Alderman
Carolyn Alexander
Ruth Alford
Don and Carliss Allan
Barbara Allen
Carl and Linda Almquist
Alpine Addictions Professionals LLC
Linda Amerin
Carol Anderson
Coralue Anderson
Kathy and Larry Anderson
Maureen Anderson
Roberta Anderson-Oeser
Mel and Jackie Andrew
Anne Andrus
Janice Arnberger
Kathleen Arnberger
Nancy Ashbrook
Steve and Marsha Asheim
Ardys and Arlie Askelson
Jim Astle
Carol Austell
Lisa Austin
Lisa Ayotte
Jarry Bachmann
John and Dolores Baird
Carolyn Baker
Patricia Baker
Fern Balaun
Candace Ballantyne
John and Laurie Ballegeer
Jim Balmer
Bonnie Banks
Sue and Sarah Bardsley
Nancy Barish
Robert Barker
Margot Barnes
Paula Bashor
David Batalsky
Louise Bauer
Kathleen Bauman
Elizabeth Beaver
Kathy BeBee
Bill and Jackie Bell
Marilynn Bell
Don and Gloria Bennett
Skip Bennett
Amy Bergevin
Lynn Bergstrom
Jerry and Dianne Berk
Cynthia Best
Bruce and Iris Bettis
John Bickel
Richard and Marie Billings
Sarah Billings
Susan Bittell
Pam Bixter
Darlene Black
JoAnn Black
Marjorie Black
Michael Blieden
Alletta Bode
Bonnie Bogart
Carol Bonczyk
Mark and Cheryl Boor
Donna Borchert
Vickie Borden
Pete Bowron
Terry Brady
Benjamin and Sally Brant
Randi Brattin
Sallie Bray
Hjalmar Breit
Gladys Bridgewater
Debra Brink
Melzene Brinkmeyer
Betsy and Steve Brock
Larry and Louise Brockman
Edward and Carol Broderson
Kathleen Bronson
Bob and Dee Browers
Daniel and Ruth Brown
Joan Browne
Bruce Bryant
Lisa Bryant
Catherine Buffington
Orley Burgess
Sonya Burke
Vivian Burrows
Diana S Busey
Kathy Butcher
Stephanie Byers
Richard and Kimberly Cabral
Brewster and Margaretta Caesar
Larry Caine
Wilfred and Tonya Cameron
Bruce and Dianne Campbell
Frances Campbell
Gregg Campbell
Phil Campbell
Jeanne Canny
Janet Carlson
Jon and Mary Carlson
Lori Carpenter
Robert Carper
Lea Cassidy
John Cassin
Linda Castle
Jones Catherine
Larry and Ginny Cerrillo
CH2M Hill Construction, Inc.
Jim and Chase Chaldekas
Corey Chandler
Ralph Chiarella
Dianne Chorny
Chrome Salon
Dennis and Linda Cinelli
Tom Clapp
George and Maria Clark
Sheila Clarke
Michael and Marjorie Clinton
Kerrigan and Nancy Clough
M.L. Coburn
Wilton and Michele Cogswell
Coldwell Banker
Bryan Collier
Carroll Collins
Robert and Elaine Collins
Curtis Colson
Community First Foundation
Conifer Dental Group
Jane Conrad
Margo Constable
Nelson Conway
Ann Cook
Joanna Cook
Irene Cooke
Carolyn Cooper
Jeff  Cornell and Dana Ceuca
Pat and Julie Corwin
Bill and Trudee Coughlin
James and Martha Coyne
Raymond and Pat Crist
David Cuin
Ray Curtis
David and Rachelle Daigneault
Susan Daley
Dean Dalvit
Samuel and Judy Daniel
Linda Darrell
Sue Davidson
Sally Davidson Marovich
Cathy Davis
Ingrid Davis
Sue Davis
Gisela Davis-Henderson
Juel De Cicco
Suzanne de Disse
Hudson and Carol Dean
Sheri Dean
Candy Decker
Keith Dehnbostel
Kathleen Delles
Sydney Denius
Brendan and Kiersten DePaola
Terry D’Erchia
Claire Diaz
Kay Dickson
Don and Janice Dietzenbach
Gail Diflumeri
Disguises LLC
John Disorbio
Phil and Linda Dispense
Philo Dixen
Doctors Express Urgent Care
Rocco and Judi Dodson
Virginia Doers
Gretchen Donisi
John Doty
Rae Ann Dougherty
Janet Doyle
Gail and Tom Dreis
Elizabeth Drennan
James and Verna Drennan
Jim and Marion Dries
Larry and Jan Drury
Sylvia Drury
Lisa Duncan
Margaret Durham
Rex and Sharon Eaves
Eide Bailly, LLP
Jim Elder
Bill and Nancy Eldridge
Nancy Elliott
Owen and Sandra Ellis
Linda Elwood
Herman Engel
Fran Enright
Steve Erlander
Nancy Espenhorst
Ken Ester
Bruce and Joan Evashevski
Evergreen Downtown Business Association
Priscilla Evilsizer
Peggy Jo Farnham
William Farr
Scott Feavel
Michael Feeney
Winnie Felch
Rita Felde
Bruce and Beth Feldkamp
Mark Feller and Mary Konrad Feller
Sylvia Fenn
Kenneth Fenney
Suzanne and Bob Feroldi
Elaine Ferris
John and Linda Ficke
Julie Filipiak
Kay Finlaw
Craig and Kathy Fisher
Barbara Fitzgerald
Betty Fitzpatrick
Barbara Fitzsimmons
Al and Darlene Fjeldsted
Patricia Flannery
Gretchen Flaum
Debi Flegas
Sharon Foley
Shirley Foley
Trevor Fontaine
Peter and Claudia Forbes
Brian Fornow
Lori  Fortier and Barry McClung
Erik Foster
Sharon Foster
Theresa Foster
Mary Franquemont
Jeffrey and Patty Freeman
Beverly Friesen
Lori Ann Fujioka
Don Funk
Willis and Shirley Funk
Sara Gadeken
Kitty Gallas and Ilse Brooks
Marie Gambon
Gayle Gardner
Kelly Garrod
Cindi Gatti
Dave and Peggy Gawe
Anne Gee
Natalie Geer
Sarah German
Denise Gianoulias
Jacqueline Gibson
Ann Gilbert Rawn
Shelley Gilliland
Jean Giroulx
Thomas Gleason
Jo Ann Glickman
Tom and Ann Glossa
Sandie Godsman
Michael and Linda Golden
Jeffrey Goldin
Walt and Marilyn Goltl
Kristi Gonzales
Gayle Gordon
Thomas and Dee Gorman
Elaine Gosnell
Leslie Gould
Sandy Grampsas
Linda Grant
Richard and Vivian Grauch
Mike and Kathy Graybill
Jerry Gregory
Ina Grills
Lyle and Janet Grimmett
Theresa Gromko
Glenda Guanella
Barbara Guist
Carol Haas
Trudy Hagen
Julie Hahn
Lynnette Hailey
Maureen Hall
Robert Hall
Kris Hallquist
Kathy Hamilton
Laurie Hamilton
Charles Hamman
Marti Hand
Bob and Donna Hanisch
Jessi Hansen
Ruth Harding
Howard Hargrove
Susan and Mark Harper
Triena Harper
Patricia Harris
Barbara Hart
Jerry Hart
Oletha Hart
Lois Hartley
Chip and Diana Hartney
Patricia Haskin
Candy and Jim Hastedt
Mr Jonathan Hatch
Sidney Hawkins
Lou and JoAnne Hayek
Keri Haynes
Betsy and John Hays
Rick Hays
Heavy Duty
Harlen Helker
Nadia Hermos
Nancy and Patrick Hiester
Timothy and Jo Ann Higgins
Pam Hinish
Ann and Dean Hittle
Ted and Barbara Hoepner
Donald and Andrea Hoff
Dale and Evelyn Coffin Hoffman
Sandy Hoffman
Marilyn Holder
Risa and Chris Holmes
Sharon and Randy Holstlaw
Sally Hopper
Horizon Foods
Andrew and Eileen Horne
Tracey Horvath
Kay Howell
Lucia Hrin
Joe and Helen Hruska
Lorri and Ken Hudak
Liz Hudd
Andy and Wendell Huggins
Paul and Heidi Humbeutel
Amber Hunter
Richard and Josephine Hurlock
James and Karen Hutcherson
Norma Ingwers
Robert and Sondra Inman
Barbara Jackson
Charles and Kathleen Jackson
Jackson National Community Fund
Curt and Keri Jaeger
Anjula Jalan
Sheri Jamison
Linda Jewell
Felix Jimenez
John & Pandora Productions
Jennifer Johnen
Bob and Dolly Johnson
Emiko and Kent Johnson
Kay Johnson
Leah Johnson
Linda Johnson
Mary Johnson
Alan and Bonnie Johnston
Bob and Liz Jones
Carol Jones
David and Margaret Jones
Gerald and Geraldine Jones
Marcia Jones
Peter and Tandy Jones
Pat and Randy Judge
Deborah Kalb
Vicki Kalms Shepit
Kathleen and Mike Kane
Barbara Karosas
Barbara Kastner
Rodgers Kaufmann
Marilyn Kaussner
Sandra Kay
Linda Kays
William Kazel
Ann Kechter
David Kelble
Barbara Kelly
Dana and Deborah Kelly
Carolyn Kennedy
Andrea Ketch
Jerry and Rita Kiefer
Dael Kiesler
Barbara and Doug Kieswetter
Frederick Kilgore
Sara and Samuel J. Killian
Franklin King
Gayle Kingery
Patricia Kisner
Rosalie Kistler
Richard Klann
Eunice Kleist
Karen Kline
Diane Kloos
Dick Knapp
Stephen Knapp
Geoffrey Knight
Clement Knobbe
Kenneth Knoll
Miki Knoll
Finn and Margrethe Knudsen
Richard Korpan
Gerald and Debra Kotas
Tatsuya Koyama
Katie Krieves
Donald and Louise Krill
Alan Kubarek
Ronald and Hedy Kubarek
Paula Kuberski
Carl Kushner
Glennda Lacey
Lakepoint Chiropractic, LLC
Judy Lambert
Barb and Mark Lamperski
Charles and Madeline Lamson
Wayne and Maria LaMura
Michael Lancaster
John Landry
Dale Lange
Cortland and Patsy Langworthy
Richard Lantefield
Iris Larkin
Ken and Nancy Larner
Julianne Larsen
Kathleen Laurie
Susan Laurnen
Cora Jean Leenheer
Kathryn Lees
Stephen and Susan Lehman
Michael and Meg Leonard
William Lester
Warren and Ginger Lewis
Dan and Beth Lincoln
Theresa Lincoln
Carl  Lindsay and Karen Fitzgerald Lindsay
Kim Lindsay
Jeffrey Lines
Peter and Lucille Link
Doug and Gaile Linn
Larry Lipstein
Russell and Anita Livingston
Mya Lloyd
Sylvia Longman
Toni Louwagie
Sharon Lowe
Barbara Lowry
Jolene Luetkemeyer
Alice Luftig
R. Gregg and Mary Lumm
Dale and Michele Lutz
McKenzie Lyle
Kathanne Lynch
Lorretta Lynde
Bruce and Victoria Lytle
Nancy Macbeth
Cid MacDonald
Donald and Barb MacDonald
Robert and Gayle MacDougall
Larry Madden
Arnold and Sandra Madigan
Lisa Manders
Gayle Maney
Roseann Manniko
Jen Maramonte
Patricia Mares
Susan Marinelli
Nancy Markman
Don and Debbie Marshall
Richard and ThetaAnn Marshall
Karen Marti
Gaila Martin
Jean  Martin  and Jeffrey Mershon
Rebecca Martin
Robert Martin   and Jane Diamond-Martin
Julie Mason
Jim and Pat Massaro
Lynn Matthes
Tim  Mauck and Jenn Cassell
Jeane Maxwell
Tara  May  and Steve Parrott
Gus Mayer
Margaret McAuliffe
Joseph and Brenda McCabe
Louise McCabe
Doug and Genie McCause
Debra McCaw
Jack and Susan McCutchan
George McDaniel
Maureen McDevitt
Richard McDonald
Roy and Penny McDonald
John McDougal
Anne Mckinley
Lisa Mclagan
Patrick McLaughlin
Don and Delores McMillan
Susan McPherson
Sandy McRae
Roger and Helen McWilliams
Dick and Judy Merkel
Gail Mesplay
Roger and Monica Metz
Richard Meunier
Carol Michaels
Ben and Jean Miller
Martha Minchak
Marian Minnick
Jenifer Mintle
Robert and Marilyn Mitchell
Jere Mock
Diane Molacek
Susan Molstad
Chris Molter
David and Elaine Mongeau
Sandy Moorehead
Richard and Dorothea Moores
Richard More
Linda and Jenny Morris
Kathleen Morrow
Sharon Mortimer
Harold and Ruth Moser
Nancy Mould
Louise Mounsey
Mountain Realty & Development, Inc.
Shari Moyse
Pat and Suzanne Mullen
Julie Mullin
Carolyn Mullins
Donna Mullins
Patti Mulvihill
Karen and Maddie Musser
Donald and Kathryn Myers
Janee and Tom Myers
Judith Nakari
Elizabeth Nash
Ray Nassimbene
Michael Naumoff
Ellen Nelson
Jean Nelson
Steve and Tina Nelson
Sophie Neusatz
Helen and James New
Evelyn Newton
Nancy Nickle
Jeff and Linda Nielander
Betty Nissler
Jim and Terry Nist
Thom and Cris Noller
Marianne North
Rayda Oakley
Vickie O’Connor
Josef and Anna Oed
Michelle O’Laughlin
Old Mine Mini-Storage
Kate Olde-Porter
Olde’s Texaco
Priscilla and Mike O’Leary
Tony and Rita Oliver
Mildred Olson
Roy Olson
Ann O’Neill
John and Jane Orlando
Michael Orlans
Don and Karladee Ormsby
Carol Orr
Cheryl O’Toole
Melinne Owen
James and Laurie Page
Laurie Page
Richard and Elaine Palladino
Kenneth Pankonien
Barbara Pantuso
Christin Parchem
Claudine Pardi
Christine Park
Jerry and Mary Parker
Karen Parr
Mary Patenaude
Elisabeth Patterson
Charles and Mary Patton
Bob Payne
Jeffrey and Deborah Payne
Susan Payne
Galen and Marilyn Pearson
Jen Pearson
Jim and Karen Peiffer
Glenn and Kathy Pence
PEO Sisterhood IZ of Colorado
Marjorie Petersen
Alfred and Ruth Petrick
James and Edie Petrock
Nan Pettee
Jay and Liz Peyton
Edward and Vivian Philbin
Paul and Karen Phillipe
Charles Phipps
Brent Pickett
Paul Pilcher
Piney River Pottery LLC/Got Paint
Nancy  Pinkham  and Scott Williams
Lynn Plummer
Tracy Poepping
Ronald Poinsett
Theodore Poisson
Robert and Joan Politte
Annette Porter
Helen Powell
Ronald and Susan Powell
Burton Prentice
Paul Preo
David and Lynne Price
Mary Price
Patty Principi
Myra Purkey
Michael and Diana Quinn
Ann Rader
Linda Rains
Lil Ranniger
A. K. Ratcliffe
Angela Rayne
Mary Ann and Rich Regiec
Paul and Molly Rehrig
Katherine Reid
Sharon Reid
Boyd and B.J. Rembe
Marilyn Rhodes
Virginia Rhodes
Kenneth Rhorer
Dan and Marilyn Rice
Lois Rice
Bill and Barbara Rickord
Peter and Mary Ann Ringgold
Linda Ringrose
Mary Roads
Emerson and Delia Roberts
Pauline Roberts
Sandra Roberts
Edward and Jean Robertson
James Robertson
Sylvia Robertson
Rocky Mountain Village Estate – Bergen House
Ron Roderick
Tonya and Sophia Rodgers
Lisa and Chris Roll
Marian Rose
Bruce and Karil Frohboese Rosenlund
Melanie Rothstein
Debra Rouse
Leo and Ann Roux
Cindy Rummelhart
Pam Russell
Christine Ryden
Ragnhild and Marvin Rygh
Terri and Steven Sadecki
Jack and Ruth Salter
Patsy Samson
Bill and Marilyn Sandifer
Allan and Madeline Saulnier
Jon Sawyer
Dianne Schade
Brian and Janet Schaible
Dale Schlinsog
Julia and James Schmidt
Linda Schoonhoven
Monica Schuler
Karen and Ronald Schutt
David and Erica Schweitz
Ken and Phyllis Scott
Barb Scripps
James Seaman
Lloyd and Carrol See
Robert Seger
Anita Seggelink
Christina Seldomridge
Floy-Louise Senior
Lorna  Serber  and John Goggin
Barbara Sexton
Greg and Linda Sexton
Devraj  Sharma  and Doris Reim-Sharma
Gail Sharp
Pete and Carol Shaughnessy
Christina Shea
Shell Oil Company Foundation
Lori Shields
Shirley Shimon
Brian Shumaker
Lorraine Sickles
Gary and Francie Steinzeig Sidder
Ann Sill
Robert and Joan Silvernail
Fred and Carolyn Simon
Ronald and Mary Simonich
Daniel and Sandi Simons
Ann Simpson
Carol Singleton
Hans and Rita Sinkovec
Lisa and Karey Sjoden
Thomas Sjoden
Bill slaughter
Jeffrey and Sandra Slonim
Barbara Smith
Douglas Smith
Janice and Mark Smith
Melony Smith
Michael  Smith and Lynne Whitson
Ethel Snowbarger
George Snyder
Sharon Snyder
Social Ethics Club
Gary Sohrweid
Chuck and Mary Ann Sonnen
Frances Sorensen
Jo Ann Sorensen
Jan Sparks
Patricia Speidel
Richard and Sara Sperry
L. Charles Speth
Sylvia and Jim Stafford
Barbara Stanton
Charles  Stearns and Rita Braun
Tim and Marilyn Stechert
Barbara Sternberg
Jane Stewart
Mike Stewart
Michael Stills
Helen Story
Susan Stoughton
Chris Stratton
Carol Strong
Evelyn Stuart
Ken Sturdevant
Laimons and Diane Sudmalis
Robert and Vi Swanagon
Barry and Georgia Sweeney
Sarah and Les Sweeney
Jim and Joannie Tadewald
Jim and Diane Talcott
TallGrass Aveda Day Spa
Louis and Ruth Tancik
Joan Tarasar
Ron and Jimie Taylor
Jane Templeton
Lawrence and Ingrid Terrell
Judy and Glen Tersteeg
Maryann Thaxton
The Colorado Trust
Joyce and Joy Thom
LaDonna Thomas
Pamela Thomas
Rose Thomas
Thrivent Foundation for Lutherans Foundation
Ruth Timberlake
Stephanie Titus
Jerry and Marie Toman
Robert Tortoriello
Betty Ann Trampe
Traust Sollus Wealth Management, LLC
Richard and Colleen Truly
Raynor and Franke Tsuneyoshi
Bob and Shirlie Tuck
Marie Tudino
Turist Comprehensive Distribution
Homer Turner,  MD and Joanne Pearson
Don and Marty Unger
Tayler Upton
Frank Utter
Kimberly Vanderkelen
Laura Veckerelli
Tony Venditti
Barbara Ver Lee
Lee Anne Viar
Mrs. William Volz
Marge Vravis
Therese Wahlstrom
James and Sharon Waldrop
Jim and Tricia Wales
Susan Walford
Judy and Arne Ward
Patricia Warren
Janet Way
Larry and Jody Weant
Frank Weber
Robert H. and A. M. Weber
Cynthia Weeks
Bernard and Susan Weingardt
Scarlett Weis
Laird Wendt
Eric  West and Kimberly Taylor
Jane Wester
Sally Wheeler
Elinor White
James and Anne White
Josh and Mary White
Marissa White
Bill and Susan Whitfield
Eric and Michelle Whyte
Jim and Beverly Wickland
James Wildman
Megan Wiley
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Russ Willis and Mary Douglas
Louis and Charlotte Wills
Lynda Wilson
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Alisa Wimmer
Kathryn Wiskow
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Karen Wojtak
Randall and Betty Wolf
Jack and Judy Wolfe
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Virginia and Jenny Wood
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Pat Work
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Dick and Christine Wulf
Larry and Francie Wyatt
Jerome and Elizabeth Yatteau
Richard York
Timothy Young
Marcia Younger
Phyllis Zangari
Bob Zavodsky
Marcia Zeeb
Juanita Zellner
Mary Zellner
Bode and Marybeth Zietz
Nancy Zizic
Mary  Zulack and Peter Belmont