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New West Physicians Support Mount Evans

Continuing an extraordinary tradition of support, New West Physicians this monthNW Physicians
presented Mount Evans Home Health Care & Hospice with a check for $45,000.

“New West Physicians has a commitment to hospice care because we believe so strongly in the value of its services that are so compassionately provided to individuals and families throughout the Denver area,” said New West Physicians’ CEO Ruth Benton. “This commitment was further strengthened when CMS chose to reduce reimbursement for hospice services and organizations were struggling. New West wants to assure that individuals and families, along with our patients, have access to these great services.”

“Going forward,” Benton continued, “as we are able, we will continue to support Mount Evans and other hospice organizations in the Denver area. We wish to thank Mount Evans for the services you provide in the mountain community.”

New West’s donation will help Mount Evans continue its own important tradition of providing essential home-health and hospice care to everyone within its four-county service area regardless of their ability to pay.

“More than 20 percent of our clients are either under-insured or uninsured,” explained Mount Evans’ president and CEO, Charley Shimanski. “It’s only through charitable giving that we’re able to offer them the high-quality care that’s made Mount Evans one of the nation’s Top 100 home-health providers. New West’s generosity and support have helped us bring comfort, healing and hope to people throughout the mountain area.”

One of Colorado’s largest and most respected physician-owned primary care groups, New West Physicians has made similar contributions to Mount Evans in the past, including a $20,000 donation in 2012 that helped the mountain-area’s sole nonprofit home-health and hospice provider launch its highly successful Mountain Journey program, bridging the gap for clients previously ineligible for critical services. Charitable giving is crucial to other Mount Evans programs include physical and occupational therapy, family and resource support, palliative care, grief counseling and Camp Comfort, the organization’s ground-breaking bereavement program for children suffering the loss of a loved one.

“New West Physicians and Mount Evans represent a seamless continuum of high-quality care from a clinical setting to a home setting,” Shimanski said.

The longstanding spirit of mutual support between Mount Evans and its colleagues in the mountain-area’s medical community will only become more important as Colorado’s senior population doubles in size within the next 15 years and demand for home-health and hospice services soars to unprecedented levels.