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Michelle Quihuiz

Michelle Quihuiz
Hospice and Home Health Care Nurse

Michelle Quihuiz has called Conifer home since 1996. It’s where she raised her children and where she’s chosen to make a difference in the lives of her neighbors. As a field nurse with Mount Evans Home Health Care & Hospice, she’s as much a teacher as she is a care provider – helping families with IVs, wound care, blood draws, pain management, medication education, post operation assessments and evaluating chronic and unstable illnesses.

“I wanted to work in a spiritual environment, one that would feed my soul and fulfill my intense curiosity about the end-of-life issues we will all face one day,” explains Michelle. “I hoped I would be able to provide physical and mental peace and comfort at the most vulnerable and frightening times of a person’s journey on this earth.”

Michelle’s extraordinary care can be distilled into three simple acts that together have a profound impact on patients:

  1. Educating patients and families alleviates fear and empowers them;
  2. Providing guidance through an acute illness bring them peace; and
  3. Being someone they feel safe in confiding in and just loving them reassures them in their journey.

“There are so many rewards: the healing I witness at the end of life; the joy I receive from having deep, meaningful conversations with my patients; the wisdom they impart upon me; the awareness of what really matters in life; the ability to be able to provide less physical and emotional suffering to patients and their families; as well as the gratitude and love I receive … it has no end.”

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