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Party Celebrates the 34th Annual “Seasons of Our Mountains” Calendar

The 34th Annual “Seasons of Our Mountains” Calendar Party Held on October 12, 2017

Even as the past was arrayed all about Evergreen National Bank’s tasteful Main Street lobby on the evening of Oct. 12, so the future, too, was on display. 

April: “My Playground” Conifer, Holly Simon

The occasion was the much-anticipated annual debut of the Seasons of Our Mountains Community Calendar, a comely compendium of timeless images celebrating the memorable year behind that will grace kitchen cabinets and closet doors from Bailey to Black Hawk for all the year ahead. Sponsored by ENB and Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, the captivating chronology was artfully compiled by Mount Evans Home Health Care & Hospice, and once again showcases 25 unforgettable photos captured by some of the area’s savviest snappers, each plate the eye-pleasing product of judicious public perusal and picked by popular approval.

“The 2018 calendar is absolutely beautiful,” announced Jan Thulin, preaching to the choir. “More than 120 people submitted photographs this year, and the calendar will raise about $20,000 for Mount Evans.” A tireless Mount Evans volunteer, Thulin has served as the Calendar Party’s able Mistress of Ceremonies for much of the event’s 33-year history. “They’ve been calling me ‘Janna White’” she deadpans. 

HM: “Aspen Leaf Dew” Kenosha Pass, Morgan Wolfers

Like most of the photos arranged around the lobby, Dick Oltmans’s in-your-face “Swimming Elk” delightfully proves the principle that, as often as not, the best pictures happen when you least expect them. 

“We were walking the dog at Evergreen Lake,” explained Oltman, a 15-year Evergreen resident, 10-year amateur shutterbug and first-time calendar entrant. “We saw a cow and a calf swimming across from the north side. Then this big bull jumped in and started chasing them across the lake. It was one of those right time/right place things. A lucky accident.”

But a fantastic snap, and a dynamite cover for this year’s Seasons of Our Mountains. In that same generous vein, and with an unaffected humility not commonly expected of the artistically adept, Oltman generously hands credit for his success to the calendar’s July winner.

“I wasn’t going to submit it,” Oltman laughed. “Leslee talked me into it.” His thanks were for Leslee Hampel, whose dramatic “Morning Glow” is another fine example of the fortuitous photo. 

HM: “Platte River Red” Pine, Ann Ketcher

“We were heading to the top of Mount Goliath to try to get pictures of some baby mountain goats,” smiled Leslee. Except that Goliath had laid an exquisite ambush in her path. “We came over a rise and this scene just appeared. The light, the landscape, everything was just perfect. I ended up taking a lot of pictures I hadn’t planned on.” And for what it’s worth, “We got our baby mountain goat pictures, too, so it turned out to be a pretty good day.”

A decidedly delicious Seasons of Our Mountains tradition observed to the letter was the irresistible home-cooked buffet prepared by the gifted hands of ENB’s own Jenny Piotrowski and served hot atop tables and desks more accustomed to file folders and accounting ledgers. Folks who take good pictures tucked right in alongside folks who like good pictures, and all of them were careful to save room for a generous slice of sheet cake frosted with the calendar’s democratically selected “Best of Show.” This year’s highest public acclaim was showered upon gifted Evergreen photographer Ellen Nelson, whose coldly dramatic “Supermoonset” caught the Mount Evans Wilderness at its most glorious and the particular fancy of a super-majority of calendar voters. As custom, courtesy and her own munificent nature demanded, Nelson immediately signed her Great Big Check for $150 right over to Mount Evans Home Health Care & Hospice.

Photographic lightning struck twice in 2017 for Bailey resident and first-time Seasons submitter D.J. Hannigan, who sewed up September with his arresting “Ptarmigan” and received honorable mention for “Ermine,” both taken on the windswept skirts of Mount Evans.

September: “Ptarmigan” Mount Evans, D.J. Hannigan

“I’ve seen plenty of ptarmigan, but I never got close enough to get a good picture,” Hannigan said. “I’ve seen a lot of ermines and weasels, but they’re always moving too fast to capture on film.” Well either Colorado ptarmigans and weasels are getting lazy, or Hannigan just happened to hit the daily double. “They both just sat there and let me take their picture,” he grinned. “It was pretty great.”

And Hannigan’s pictures are pretty great parts of a pretty great calendar that’s going to do really great things for many of Hannigan’s mountain-area neighbors. Uninsured and under-insured individuals and families in crisis are the reasons for Seasons, and proceeds from sales of the $15 community calendar will help Mount Evans provide essential home health and hospice services to good people who desperately need them.

The 2018 Seasons of Our Mountains calendar is now for sale online and at many locations about town. Place your order online or call 303-674-6400 to learn more.

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