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Home Health

Home Health Care

Home health services allow patients receive medical care in their own homes, as an alternative to an inpatient setting.

Our medical staff will provide:

  • skilled services for rehabilitation following an injury
  • follow-up care to treatment for an illness or hospitalization
  • ongoing services and support for people with chronic illnesses and long-term disabilities
  • service for frail elderly persons who need assistance to maintain their independence and safety.



Guidelines for Obtaining Home Health Care Services

(Please note that these are general guidelines. Contact your insurance provider or call our office to discuss requirements and/or coverage.)

General Medicare Requirements:

  1. Home care services must be ordered by a physician.
  2. Patients generally must be home-bound.
  3. Patients must have a recurring need for skilled nursing care or skilled rehabilitative therapy.
  4. Custodial care, which includes housekeeping and personal care, is usually not covered.