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Mount Evans is pleased to introduce an exciting new program for volunteers called the Service Enterprise Initiative. The Service Enterprise Initiative is designed to strengthen the capacity of our nonprofit by leveraging leadership volunteers and skills in order to better address the needs of our mountain communities.

We are currently recruiting highly skilled leadership volunteers to work alongside our senior program managers and directors. Volunteer positions in highest demand at Mount Evans, include:

  • Leadership volunteers to serve in support of our Director of Volunteers and the numerous volunteer programs we operate

  • Onsite volunteers to spend 5–10 hours per week as volunteer program coordinators

  • Seasonal coordinators to assist with event management

  • Experienced and inexperienced volunteers to coordinate and assist with our office administrative functions

Leadership volunteers will work hand-in-hand with the Mount Evans management team to lead our programs, build our capacity, and expand our capability. As national health care budgets fall and demand for home health services soars, Mount Evans’ ability to support the mountain community will depend heavily on the support of volunteer coordinators, volunteer program managers and volunteer coaches.

Help the mountain area’s sole community-based home health care organization by joining the Mount Evans “family” and putting your professional experience and high trained skills to work in a leadership capacity.  To learn more or apply, call Lori Carpenter, at 303-674-6400 or complete an application online.