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Don’t miss your opportunity to become a part of the team at Mount Evans Home Health Care & Hospice.  Although we welcome you to join us in the capacity that will best utilize your passion and talents, our greatest needs at this time are in the areas of office support, special event leadership, computer projects, and various marketing needs.  In addition, we invite you to join us by putting your experience and highly trained skills to work in a leadership capacity.

If it’s the personal touch you’re looking for, working with our patients and families, our 2019 Volunteer Orientation/Training will take place in the Spring/Summer 2019.  Guest speakers and staff members will provide an overview of home health and hospice, patient care activities, support services, advance directives, and spiritual care throughout this 10-12 hour training.  Portions of the training can be done remotely, in the privacy of your home.  Stay tuned for dates and times.

Fore more information, call Lori Carpenter at 303-674-6400 or email